• The Center for Research and Study of Aging brings together knowledge and research in the field of Aging.
  • It will be a breeding ground for and promotion of researchers engaged in the study of aging.
  • An infrastructure to promote communication among researchers and practitioners.
  • A place that will deal with interdisciplinary research questions related to the advancement of study of aging.
  • Alongside these, the center will promote the study and the dissemination of research knowledge, through mutual learning and research relationships with practitioners.
The center's objectives:
  • Allow a physical place where researchers from various circles and universities, from different approaches and professions dealing with old age will meet and develop together or individually the study of aging. The Center intends to expand the number of the center members, and to recruit the best researchers from inside and outside the Gerontology department wishing to cooperate and promote the goals of the center.
  • Obtain financial resources for scholarships and research funds to encourage research on issues related to aging to promote research and academic excellence of the center.
  • Serve as an interactive and updated source of knowledge in matters related to Aging - research and seminars, through the Center site, and other media, and maintain relationships with researchers and research centers in Israel and abroad.
  • Establishing the relationship with the community, by strengthening and institutionalizing the relations with nursing homes and sheltered housing accommodation in the community.